A message from Addison Fire Chief Tim Shaw

We have had two possible patient contacts and no confirmed contacts.
I have asked everyone reporting to work to take their temperatures when they start their shift and when they leave the department at the end of the shift and if they are on a 24 to take it at the middle of the shift t. I have it set up to record the temperatures on our aladtec system (time clock and different records).
Everyone has been issued a mask for themselves and we have masks for the patient who present with any symptoms of the virus/flu (cough, sore throat and temperature)
I have also requested that they bring in a change of clothes so that they do not have to wear their uniform home and they can wash them before they leave or even leave them at the station in a locker.  
We are trying to monitor what we can, and so far, so good.  
We are also limiting who is allowed in the station and if you do stop by your temperature will be taken upon arrival (best if you just stay home).  
I hope you find the information helpful and I will make every effort to keep you all informed.  
Any other questions concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Addison Fire Chief Tim Shaw