New ORV ordinance takes effect Aug. 28, 2020

The off-road vehicle ordinance approved July 8, 2020, is summarized as follows:
 - The off-road ordinance permits off-road vehicles on roads with speed limits less than 40 mph.
The ORV must operate with the flow of traffic, not to interfere with traffic; must have working headlight and taillight; may only operate one half-hour before sunrise and until one half-hour after sunset; must be licensed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources; may only operate at no more than 25 mph or lower posted speed; with the flow of traffic on the far-right side of the right lane; single file unless overtaking and passing; must have required safety equipment (crash helmet, protective eyewear or windshield; a roof that meets safety standards, and must be operated by a person with a valid driver's license.
The ordinance shall expire one year from the date of passage unless extended by the township board.
The ordinance will take effect August 28, 2020, 30 days after publication in the Brooklyn Exponent, a newspaper of general circulation in Rollin Township.   The full ordinance text can be found under Ordinances in the Quick Links tab.